Goodbye New Media Comm

My new media communication class is coming to an end, and I’m definitely excited. Not because the class was terrible or boring, but because it means that it’s summer and I’m that much closer to being a senior in college. The last three years of college have flown by, which I couldn’t say for high school, and I’m excited to be taking the classes I want. This wasn’t the first semester I’ve gotten to take the more interesting classes, but it’s the first semester that almost all of my classes had been my choice rather than a required course.
New Media has been one of these classes to say the least. I’ve been able to learn more about how to use the social media platforms that I personally use every day in a business sense. Although some of the more technology-focused parts of the class weren’t my favorite, it was interesting to get to create blog posts and use them through Twitter. I wish we had done more actual posting with social media on all different platforms so we could learn a little about posting on Pinterest or how to have a business page on Facebook. Something more hands on would have been much more useful in learning the different platforms.
Even though the class wasn’t perfect, what class ever is? Social media is something that is part of the world now and it will only become more and more integrated into everything a person does. By being in the communication field, I will need to learn more about it, but it’s not like I will be forced. It’s something that I already have an interest in, so I know I will learn more about using it and hopefully get to actually apply what I’ve learned in either an internship or an actual job.

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