Mr. Clean Brought Sexy Back

This week, I was tasked with finding a great social media campaign from the last two years. I wanted to stay as recent as possible, so I looked a few up. The second this one came up, I knew it was what I was going to write about: Mr. Clean’s sexy ad during the Super Bowl.

Now it wasn’t necessarily well executed but it made people talk and that’s what any advertiser wants, right? The Mr. Clean ad was awkward and made some people uncomfortable, but it also made people laugh. It did exactly what it needed to do by being extremely different than the usual Mr. Clean ads. The one Super Bowl commercial was simply Mr. Clean (or actually Dad) dancing around while cleaning the house. Nothing too exciting, but Mr. Clean is Mr. Clean. No one would think of him in this way until… this commercial.

This wasn’t exactly a campaign, but it was a fantastic way to get buzz around P&G products. The commercial provoked a lot of emotions from viewers and during one of the most-watched television events. P&G knew exactly what to do to get people to buy more of their products or at least talk about them.


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