How Does Netflix Know Me So Well?

It seems nowadays that almost every person has a Netflix account (or “borrows” from a friend). Even if someone doesn’t have an actual account, people will still find a way to watch Netflix shows and movies. Maybe it’s because of the great content Netflix puts out. Or maybe it’s because they have some fantastic social media accounts that remind you to watch more television.

The best part about their social media is how connected the company is with their followers. Their Twitter posts are relatable and humorous. They tweet funny things like this, and everyone knows it’s true. Netflix is a terrible (read: amazing) service that sucks everyone in for hours or even days at a time.

Even if you aren’t following their Twitter account, there’s always the classic Facebook page. It may not be as clever or relatable, but it’s still something people can look at. The Facebook page gives the updates everyone wants and their consistent. Netflix makes sure to post at least every couple days so you can never forget about them if you follow their page. It promotes new movies and shows that will be coming out, like an awesome Brad Pitt movie or an original Will Smith film. They consistently stick to posting about new original movies and shows, which makes their page way more exciting than if they just posted, “Hey, here’s what has been on Netflix for the last three months.” Netflix deserves some serious props since they understand how to reach their audience the best on Twitter and Facebook. Next step: better Instagram posts.


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