Snapgram or Instachat?

Snapchat and Instagram are two hugely popular social media websites among younger generations. I’ve had both for years and the two sites have only seemed to gain more traction the longer they’ve been around. The more updates they have, the less I seem to understand, which is usually the case with social media as people get older. Instagram started as a simple photo sharing app, but has now grown to include videos and private chats. Snapchat is constantly creating new filters and celebrity accounts are becoming more public.

Personally, I prefer Instagram to keep up-to-date with friends. It’s easier to understand without the videos of loud music and dancing or when the filters don’t get so distracting. Snapchat is more fun to use when keeping up with celebrities or posting silly snaps of the day. Snapchat feels more in the moment than Instagram, but the time limit also ruins the app for me. If I miss a day or two on the app, that’s two days of videos and pictures missed. Instagram at least keeps everything as long as the user allows, so I don’t need to worry about missing out.

Instagram also seems to be a better platform for marketing.With Snapchat, the advertisements are forced in between regular snaps, which may result in a negative association with the brand. If the typical consumer is anything like me, it only gets irritating when companies force their messages on me, especially when the messages are unexpected. With Instagram, I can at least scroll past the ads I don’t want to see or stop at the ones for brands I like. Instagram advertisements are less intrusive, which helps the customer experience.




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