How the National Park Service Really Feels

I read an interesting article today about Twitter being reactivated for many government agencies, including the National Park Service. In case you missed it, the official Twitter account of the National Park Service, a government-run bureau, retweeted a picture (the one I’ve included above) from a New York Times reporter as well as a tweet about some missing (read: erased) information from the White House website. The Interior Department quickly asked government agencies to shut down social media until further notice while they did some quick damage control. The National Park Service issued an apology about the “mistaken RTs” and tweeted out a picture of a bison instead.

The entire situation made me laugh. I would say I’m about 85/15 against Trump for reasons I won’t go into, so to see an official government agency post something anti-Trump is fantastic. It only shows how divided we really are as a country. Obviously there is someone working (probably past tense now) in the National Park Service who didn’t vote for Trump and is unhappy about his presidency. It’s difficult to remember that not everyone who works in a government job voted for Trump. He may be our president, but he wasn’t the choice of every individual person.

One thing I was surprised about in the article was how the Interior Department decided to shut down everyone. Not just the National Park Service, but all social media.There was only one bureau technically at fault but they all suffered the consequences. I wish the National Park Service could have stood their ground and left the retweets alone, but I also understand that they are an official government agency that needs to not show any political bias. I would like to know who posted the tweets from their account because that person has the potential to be a national hero in many Americans’ eyes.


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