Facebook Overlooks Huge Scam

Facebook is a huge social media platform; it’s one of, if not THE biggest platform. According to this NPR article, a simple Google search for “Facebook customer service” leads to a phony number and an unknown person trying to steal from you. NPR had heard a few reports from different people about looking up a number for Facebook to call when they needed help on the site. This number apparently leads to a person who will encourage you to buy an iTunes card and give them the access code.

It’s extremely interesting how Facebook hasn’t really caught the person responsible for this scam. One would think that a company as large and successful as Facebook would be able to get to the bottom of the situation and fix it immediately. I understand that scams happen all over the internet, but NPR says 27,000 people actually search the phrase “Facebook customer service” every month. If a search is this common and pops up with misleading information, how has no one figured out how to fix this? How did Google not even realize this was a problem?

I also find it interesting that people would actually fall for this. There are always those people who think that prince from Uganda really needs their money right away! But I really can’t understand how any person could find this at all truthful, especially in 2017. If you are reading this post, please understand that you should not give money over the internet if the situation seems the slightest bit sketchy. Sure, there are those GoFund Me pages and online shopping, but that random guy who asked you for $1,000? Don’t give him any of your information!


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